Competition “Capture The Phone”.

Take part in the pursuit of the spy. Your task is to help “hunt down” the target and obtain key information from spy's laptop first. But before you get to it, you will have to solve problems that is not only related to information security. Competition for those who may be smart, witty, and of course for those who can show his skills in hacking WEB applications, as well as reverse engineering and exploit development skills. The competition will be held in the "race" and the first two finalists will receive prizes from the sponsors. The event will start from the first minute of the conference and will continue until the end.

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Organizer: Nokia L&C

Competition “Wallpaper ZeroNights”.

Draw wallpaper with a hacker theme.

The given contest does not oblige you to take part in the event.
Activity variants are to be sent to

The presence of ZeroNights inscription in any performance (0nights, Z3r0N1g4ts and others) is obligatory

Organizer: DefconGroup #7812

Competition “The best hacking t-shirt”.

During the conference we will assess our visitors’ style, namely the uniqueness and originality of t-shirts. So, a person with the coolest t-shirt with hack theme will be looked for by our agents during the conference.

There are no boundaries in hacker spirit expression.

Organizer: DefconGroup #7812

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