About conference

ZeroNights is an international conference dedicated to the technical side of information security. The mission of the conference is to disseminate information about new attack methods, threats and defense tools. Another purpose is to create a communication venue for skilled professionals in the field of information security.

Venue: Moscow, Russia, November 19–20, 2012.

This is the conference for technical specialists, administrators, ISOs and CISOs, pen-testers, programmers and everyone who is interested in the practical aspects of the field.

Our event is a unique, unmatched happening in the world of security in Russia. Guests from all over the world, technical hacking papers and workshops – no milk-and-water, no commercials, just technology, working methods, attacks and forensics!

Best papers from the experts all over the world

Interesting technical speeches will be given by the planet’s best speakers. Only hot research, actual problems and real attacks. A paper like those is what shows you that anything you might buy or use is vulnerable in one way or the other. A paper like those can help you evaluate the real security level of a system, a technology, a protocol etc. ZeroNights is the place to learn how hackers work, how malware and exploits work.

Workshops by the world-class professionals

This year, we have prepared unique workshops for you. Where else do they show you how to write exploits, to bypass the defense of OS and browsers, to find vulnerabilities in web projects? Practical knowledge fortified by theory is priceless.

Best place for communication

Professional from all over the country will attend the conference. It supports the communication format which allows people to meet in an informal setting and discuss the contemporary security problems.

Interesting contests

Various contests will be conducted at the conference which will let anyone show their talents.

14.12.2012 Photos

You can view photos from ZeroNights 2012 here: https://picasaweb.google.com/106780973074407646953/ZeroNights2012

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event!

06.12.2012 ZeroNights hacking conference featured a guide to hijacking a plane, a car, or kidnapping a child

On November 19 and 20, the international ZeroNights conference, organized by ERPScan, was held in Moscow, where security researchers shared their news about the security issues of computers and everything related to them.

Digital technologies are far from just personals computers now, and electronics are used virtually everywhere, so the attention of researchers and cybercriminals alike has been drawn to the devices and systems which are most closely connected with people’s lives, their safety and well-being.

A certain symbol for the breakout of such research (although it had existed before, of course) is the Stuxnet worm, which infects industrial systems, and the latest research of attacks on insulin probes and cardiostimulators.

The attacks that were presented at ZeroNights are not as scary but a lot more realistic.

In the course of their research of embedded devices security, ERPScan analysts have studied the tracking and location tools called GPS trackers, which are widely used to track the whereabouts of cars, children, and even criminals. Those devices are also often used to replace or supplement car alarm systems.

The researchers have managed to conduct an attack which allowed replacing the location of an object on the map with just one SMS sent to the device’s cell number, which is easily found out by hacking the website of the tracking service or sniffing GSM traffic near the device.

The conference featured a live demo where the device was in the conference hall but started to move across the map frantically after the SMS was sent.

It is easy to imagine the reverse situation where a criminal steals a car and signals to the device that the car is in place. Moreover, it is much more serviceable than suppressing the GPS signal because in that case the very fact of hijacking would be obvious.

“Easy execution makes the attack especially dangerous because the majority of users (30%) neglect passwords. But even if there was a password, a cybercriminal would be able to conduct similar attacks without knowing it or simply disable the device by sending it into infinite restart loop. We are currently investigating other, more sophisticated security issues of such devices” said Dmitry Chastukhin, a security researcher in ERPScan.

Another research was presented by Andrei Costin, a Ph.D. candidate in embedded devices security in EURECOM University. He found out that, using relatively cheap devices which cost from 300 to 1500 USD and a couple dozens of uncomplicated code strings, it is possible to modify the signals of ADS-B protocol: an air traffic control system used by pilots and dispatchers to track the location of airplanes and transmit other parameters and data important for the flight.

It turned out — which is, to say the least, weird, if not horrifying — that this protocol does not use any defensive measures to transmit data, such as encryption and strong cryptographic signature, in spite of crucial significance of flight and support systems security for flight control and management.

Obviously, it allows tracking all airplanes in real-time and, most importantly, airing fake data or replacing data in genuine packets to, for example, imitate a plane collision on the screens of flight controllers. The consequences may vary from panic in flight control headquarters to, in theory, initiation of counter-terrorism procedures and emergency alerts on the ground.

“We are going to proceed with researching Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)” Andrei said.

Stay tuned and have nice and safe trips wherever you go!

05.12.2012 ERPScan were proud to organize ZeroNights — a hardcore technical conference

ERPScan, as an innovative company dealing with research and development in ERP security, particularly in SAP, spends a lot of time analyzing new threats and issues in information systems to use this research to expose and solve SAP security issues and make our products the best in the field.

This is a unique path for this industry because no other company which works with SAP has so many experts in other areas as well.

As a part of this mission, we have organized an event where top-rated researchers around the world can present the latest hardcore technical stuff and move industry to the next level.

During the 2 days of ZeroNights event which was attended by more than 600 people, 22 talks were delivered, 8 fast track presentations, and 8 workshops. 50 speakers have covered topics from reversing hardware by photonic emission to reversing GPS tracking systems for cars and prisoners; from mobile security and new threats of web application hacking like XML, XLST, and SSRF to attacks on business applications like Enterprise Service Bus and Identity Management Systems.

Among the speakers, there were top-rated researchers from companies like Google, ESET, OpenWall, TrustWave, E&Y, Nokia, NSS, ViaForensics and of course ERPScan, as well as many independent researchers.

ERPScan were involved in all areas of organization from program committee to sponsoring Speaker Party and of course delivering our own latest research, which will soon be updated here.

Thanks for sponsorship support to Gazinformservice, Intel, Advanced Monitoring, Dr. Web. We hope that next year this event will be even more epic!

12.11.2012 ZeroNights: the finishing touches

We congratulate the winners of ZeroNights HackQuest! The winning teams are rewarded for their wits and hacking skills with free tickets and ONsec t-shirts:

1st place: ReallyNonamesFor
2nd place: http://RDot.Org
3rd place: Raz0r

Intel (precisely, Intel’s Security Center of Excellence) has decided to support our event and become our silver sponsor. We welcome Intel in the community of companies that are willing to invest into the mission of ZeroNights: to disseminate the principles and techniques of infosec among established professionals of various trades as well as young people.

More good news: we await a truly epic battle at the “Security Researchers vs. Developers” panel discussion. The hackers from ERPScan, ViaForensics,and independent researchers will be confronted by the developers from Nokia, Yandex, and Google.

We are ready to lay out our best cards now. Draft agenda is already available on the website.


30.10.2012 Even more vulns, attacks, and rewards for hackers

Gazinformservice, our gold sponsor, has announced a contest called “Search for vulnerabilities in the secure remote access technical solution”. Vulnerabilities should be searched for from October 31 to November 12, and the winner will be announced at ZeroNights.

Let us also remind you that DefconGroup #7812, like last year, calls for the best hacking t-shirt and the best hacking wallpaper. Pwnie Express will reward the winners!

Now to the new speakers published at our website:

  1. Main program: Babak Javadi (USA) will teach you to break wireless alarm systems.
  2. Main program: Andrey Petukhov and Georgy Noseyevich (Russia) will compromise enterprise applications through the ForgeRock OpenAM access control system.
  3. Main program: Shay Chen (Israel) will conduct a digital divination seance and amaze the audience by black-boxing the source code of applications.
  4. Workshop: Jean-Ian Boutin (Canada) will dissect Win32/Gataka banking trojan for you.
  5. Workshop: Alexey Tyurin (Russia) is dedicated to the exploitation of numerous vulnerabilities in ubiquitous XML technology.
  6. FastTrack: Igor Gots and Sergey Soldatov (Russia) will teach you how to build a security incident monitoring system at minimum expenses and which incidents to look for.
  7. FastTrack: Eugeny Sobolev (Russia) will describe typical information security flaws in corporations and large enterprises.

24.10.2012 New content & new contest

Our program is agreed upon by the committee, and the approved speakers will be published within two weeks. Wait for new announcements, speakers, workshops, and contests.

Further, we would like to thank our new prizes sponsor: Nokia. But to be rewarded by Nokia, you will have to go through the contest that their engineers have prepared especially for our conference. At first, you will simply have to be smart and witty, but actual hacking assignment awaits you in the end, where you will have to practice in exploiting the flaws of OS, browser and web applications defense mechanisms. The special hack quest calls for its heroes!

Today, we also announce new speakers:

  1. Main program: Mateusz 'j00ru' Jurczyk (Switzerland) will delve into Windows kernel and amaze you with a case Study.
  2. Main program: Nicolas Gregoire (France) will show you that XML is far from completely studied.
  3. Main program: NoSQL databases as well as attacks on them are becoming increasingly popular. Mikhail Fyrstov (Russia) will give you MongoDB as an example of their security issues.
  4. FastTrack: Alexander 'Solar Designer' Peslyak (Russia) will tell you why cryptography has to move on. He will use bcrypt as an example of old technologies developing further.
  5. FastTrack: Oleg Kupreev (Russia) will teach you how to infect popular 3G modems with malware.

PS: registration is still open, so you have a chance to attend ZeroNights. If you have any problems with registration, please contact Maria Savluk (m.savluk@careerlab.ru).

3.10.2012 All the hot news at ZeroNights 2012

As our followers probably know, Yandex, our partner at ZeroNights 2012, has recently opened a bug bounty program. We are proud to note that it is the first software vendor in Russia to be so responsible about the security of their products. The first results of the program will be announced at ZeroNights 2012, which, like before, will accumulate everything in infosec world that is new and current.

New speakers:

  1. Main program: Nikita Abdullin (Russia) will make you familiar with the horrible truth about the security aspects of modern payment technologies. The payment chain of “client — card — terminal — acquirer — IPS — issuer — money — issuer — acquirer — terminal — goods/services/money” is known to the speaker on all its levels, from hardware to bookkeeping.
  2. Main program: Alberto Garcia Illera (Spain) will share his astounding plan of taking over the world. Until the event, he prefers to keep the secret of how exactly he plans to do it.
  3. Fast Track: Fyodor Yarochkin (Taiwan), Vladimir Kropotov (Russia) and Vitaly Chetvertakov (Russia) will describe mass malware distribution campaigns, particularly the bypass techniques for automatic detection of dangerous content on compromised servers which have been spotted during 2012.
  4. Kirill “Del” Salamatin (Russia) and Andrey Tsumanov (Russia) will give you a 4 hour workshop called “RFID: jokers up our sleeves”, where you will learn to manipulate contactless cards and protect yourselves from such manipulations. You will be able to touch and try their sniffer jacket and a lot more!

19.09.2012 Did you ask for hardcore?..

We will give you technical hardcore.

This is possible, particularly, thanks to our silver sponsor: Dr. Web. The famous Russian malware fighters have decided to help raise awareness in infosec. The organizers welcome the initiative.

Behold the new speakers and one workshop (and what a workshop that is!):

  1. Main program: Alexander Matrosov the great (:)) and Evgeny Rodionov (Russia) will describe the internals of Flamer with no chit-chat. The authors will present the result of research on reconstructing the framework which was used to construct Win32/Flamer, and they will show its similarity to Stuxnet/Duqu/Gauss in code and architecture.
  2. Main program: Dmytro Oleksiuk aka Cr4sh (Russia) will shred your idea of advanced rootkit technologies and teach you about their usage in targeted attacks.
  3. Workshop: Alexey Sintsov (the Moon) will be your guide into to the world of exploits for Windows 7. Within just 5 hours, you will go all the way from A to Z in weaponized exploit development for Windows 7, including IE9.

If you would like to speak at the same venue with the stars of infosec, remember that there is still almost a month left until the end of CFP. Young researchers have a chance to participate in FastTrack with a short presentation about their infosec achievements.

5.09.2012 Yandex will participate in ZeroNights 2012

Same as last year, Yandex will join and support ZeroNights 2012. We are very glad to work with such a famous company again. Furthermore, we proudly present our new speakers:

If you have something to say to the security community too, take part in CFP!

We are also pleased to tell you that Bear Hostels offer a 10-percent discount to ZeroNights attendees. So Moscow welcomes you wherever you come from!

30.08.2012 ZeroNights 2012 is closing in

Less than three months left until ZeroNights 2012 and we are glad to name the new speakers of our autumn event. Now, our program includes even more elaborated hacking techniques, stories about careless developers, and newest methods and tools of offensive/defensive security.

  1. Main program: Vladimir Vorontsov (Russia) and Alexander Golovko (Russia) of ONsec will describe a range of server request forgery vulnerabilities, from HTTP response control to remote code execution.
  2. Main program: Andrei “mister-printer guy” Costin (France) will teach you to attack Air Traffic Control systems including ADS-B. Some of you might be wary about flying home from Moscow after his talk!
  3. Main program: joernchen (Germany) of Phenoelit will share his grief about negligent Open Source Ruby on Rails developers who leave holes in their web applications.
  4. Workshop by Michele "antisnatchor" Orru (England), our good friend and a cool guy in general, will be dedicated to hacking and exploiting a whole lot of web browsers with the help of BeEF. If you want to fall in love with BeEF, and you like application security, you must come to this workshop.

27.08.2012 Are you ready for 0-nights 0x02?!

ZeroNights 2012 keynotes (FX and The Grugq) have been announced and we go on with publishing the chosen papers. Note that CFP will last until 10.10.12! We hope you participate in it :) Do not forget about FastTrack either: this is the unique chance to speak about a small research of yours and share the venue with cool infosec specs, to chat with your colleagues and to attend the conference in general. While keynote topics are kept secret, we give you the topics of the first three papers and a workshop:

  1. Main program: Andrey Belenko (Russia) and Dmitry Sklyarov (Russia) will once again destroy the myth about the cryptostrength and security of yet another big project, namely iCloud. Indeed, if someone decides to create their own encryption system – there are those guys and they will have no mercy.
  2. Main program: Atte Kettunen (Finland) and Miaubiz (Estonia) will describe fuzzing at scale and in style. Those lads have nailed an enormous lot of vulnerabilities in popular browsers and they are ready to share their experience now. By the way, Miaubiz has received a Rockstar reward from Google.
  3. Workshop from Rick Flores (USA) dedicated to develop exploits with the well-loved Metasploit framework. He will teach you to bypass modern Windows OS defenses and to code in Ruby for Metasploit.

PS: Note that the attendee registration is open! ;)

24.08.2012 Gazinformservice and Pwnie Express will sponsor ZeroNights

ERPScan and Software People proudly present the key sponsors of the forthcoming ZeroNights conference, which will be held in Moscow on November 19-20.

Gazinformservice Ltd. is our gold sponsor as well as one of the largest integrators in the field of security in Russia and the developer of unique means of information security, specializing in the creation of security systems and information technology for large corporations. The company carries out all complex of services for info security maintenance, including development of software products, design, introduction, support, education of customer’s experts, and development of standard documentation.

To be supported by an enterprise of such a high level is very important for us. The interest of a system integrator is the best kind of compliment for the organizers of a deeply technical conference. We try to make ZeroNights a focal point of as much useful information and interesting discussions as possible for infosecurity geeks as well as high class professionals.

What’s more, Pwnie Express has kindly offered their products as prizes in our hacking competitions. Pwnie Express specializes in bleeding edge pentesting hardware, including the industry's first-to-market, the Pwn Plug. PWN Plug Mini will be the prize for winners of ZeroNights competitions. Join the event to get the chance to win your own commercial pentesting drop box!

25.07.2012 Meet our keynote speakers

Friends, we have opened our CFP. Our community (DCG #7812) is ready to approve interesting papers. Moreover, we can already name some people who will join our hack holiday in autumn.

1. The Grugq

The Grugq is a pioneering information security researcher with over a decade of professional experience. He has worked extensively with digital forensic analysis, binary reverse engineering, rootkits, Voice over IP, telecommunications and financial security. The Grugq's professional career has included Fortune 100 companies, leading information security firms and innovative start-ups.

Currently living in Thailand, the Grugq works as a senior security researcher for COSEINC. While not on engagements, the Grugq continues his research on security, forensics and beer.

Claims to fame:

  • pioneered anti-forensics
  • developed "userland exec"
  • released voip attack software
  • decade of experience in info sec
  • long term liaison with digital underground
  • described as "extremely handsome" [by his mom]
  • 1992 sussex County 3-legged race, 2nd place

2. Felix 'FX' Lindner
Recurity Labs

Felix 'FX' Lindner runs Recurity Labs. FX has over 10 years of experience in the computer industry, eight of them in consulting for large enterprise and telecommunication customers. He possesses a vast knowledge of computer sciences, telecommunications and software development. His background includes managing and participating in a variety of projects with a special emphasis on security planning, implementation, operation and testing using advanced methods in diverse technical environments. FX is well known in the computer security community and has presented his and Phenoelit's security research on Black Hat Briefings, CanSecWest, PacSec, DEFCON, Chaos Communication Congress, MEITSEC and numerous other events. His research topics included Cisco IOS, HP printers, SAP and RIM BlackBerry. Felix holds a title as State-Certified Technical Assistant for Informatics and Information Technology as well as Certified Information Systems Security Professional.


ERPScan and Defcon Russia proudly announce the beginning of preparations to the second international technical security ZeroNights conference. This time, the event will be held in Moscow, on November 19-20, in the InfoSpace international exhibition center. The two days will be full of interesting technical speeches, highly qualified presenters and even more interesting live communications. We will stay aimed at deeply technical presentations on the current hot topics of information security.

Detailed research reports await you as well as a Fast Track session. The main topics of the conference are:

  • Security of critical systems and business applications
  • Mobile security
  • Exploitation techniques
  • WEB 2.0 security
  • Malware

This time, the CareerLab company helps us, which specializes in organizing IT conferences. They will care about organizational issues while we will stay responsible for high-class technical presentations. We are traditionally open to your ideas and suggestions which can make the event even better.

Official support:
With participation of:
Gold sponsor:
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